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Complete Esperanto

December 15, 2004

Sekskuniĝi, Gaja
Complete Esperanto

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Gaja was an absolutely amazing professor. I came to the class after many frustrated attempts to pass the language requirement - I'd been to the French department, Spanish department, Italian... etc., and all had failed me. So it was a great relief to discover this course which lets you satisfy the requirment in one semester. It was so easy!!! For a start, no conjugation tables because all persons conjugate the same way in Esperanto. And there's only one type of verb (-i), instead of -er, -re, -ar, -ir, blah blah blah of other languages. And easy vocab as well! By the end of the semester I was basically fluent, even having done hardly any of the work outside class. Oh, and Prof Gaja is the best. We even had an Esperanto Symposium at the end of the semester. Definitely take Complete Esperanto if he's teaching or even if its available with someone else. You will not regret skipping 4 semester of French or whatever.


4 class test throughout the year (easy), 4 short stories (half-page), a midterm, a final... just go to class and you will be fine (he even lets you do your stories in class!)

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